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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Little Song of Joy!

Turn my sigh into singing
Let your joy fill my being
When I'm down and out
Many times I tend to pout.

But I must learn to rejoice
Please comfort me
With your gentle voice.

I will sing, I will sing
Making music to the King.

This poem was inspired by Judges 5:3 (Based on a devotional blog - http://gemsfortheheart.blogspot.com/)


pen said...

Wow! Amazing poem...I've been truly blessed!!!!!

Kenny Khoo said...

Very very good......can I make it into a song? =)

ashlynn said...

Oh...yeah, sure you can make my poem into a song. That would be great1 So sorry that did not see your comment earlier. Just began to browse through my old posts and reading the comments. You can still use my poem for a song if your interested. =)