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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A home for my hamster.

My sisters and I own a pet hamster named Lenlay. We owned her for quite some time already, but just yesterday, my baby brother Ashton went to visit the doctor and he said that we cannot keep our hamster any longer due to our allergies. We are very sad to part with her. So we are looking for a home for our pet hamster.

We would really want her new owner to be responsible, kind, loving, and good-hearted. If you think you fit the criteria, and would love to have a free hamster together with the cage and food, we would be willing to give it away. If you are interested please let me know through the chatbox.

P. S. We have a new blue hamster cage that is for sale. RM 35.00 (Original price:RM 42.00) Hamster cage is very expensive. You are getting a good deal for this one.


Gillian said...

Hi Ashlynn! Did u manage to give away ur hamster yet?

ashlynn said...

not yet, do you know anyone who would like to have it?

Gillian said...

I will ask around and see :>