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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Shack

Last night, Mum just finished reading The Shack to us. I really really enjoyed the book although mum did not read the chapter called The Great Sadness to us. She says that we can read that chunk when we are a little older. I really enjoyed the bits when Mackenzie spent time with Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu. Now I can't wait to read The Great Sadness part, just so I can really understand. I think that the author - William P. Young - used a very creative, clever, and inspiring way of writing this book. I enjoyed every bit. To think that all those amazing things happened all in one weekend!

If I were Mackenzie and got a chance to encounter God like that, sitting on the dock on the starry night with Jesus, It would be AWESOME! I would ask Him all the questions I have been storing up to ask Him when I go back to heaven. One of the quotes in the book said that "This book will change your view of God forever." If there is anything else I could say about The Shack it would be... WOW!

Remember... God is especially fond of you!


selina said...

Yes, He is especially fond of you, my dear! And me too:)

p_ewe said...

me tooooo! so fond of u!

i love that book! and i just lent it to a friend, and she JUST told me she finished it and cried while reading it in the bus! eheh

Faith said...

Yes yes yes, agreed with you, cher. He is fond of all of us.

ashlynn said...

He is especially fond of everybody!

Nathalynn Lim said...

nice post cher!