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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Felicity! AG Book Club

As I said Nat and I were attending another web class. In fact its two. One is called Happy Birthday Felicity! American Girl book club and the other is Basic Spanish. Well, anyway today will write about the AG book club ( I might call it Happy Birthday Felicity! sometimes.)

Basically why this new web class is called Happy Birthday Felicity! Book Club is because the book that all the questions are based on is called Happy Birthday Felicity, one of the books from Felicity American Girl series 1774. Felicity is one of the girls in the American Girl series. This series is a collection of stories from 9 year old American girls ranging from the 1700's to the 1900's. Nat and I first saw this series in Borders bookstore and well...gave it a try. Once I read one of those books I really loved them. That's why we took this web-class. Now, getting back to the subject of my web-class! It is a little different from the previous one. Well... here they are:

*We read one chapter every week

*Then we print (actually koo koo prints it! ) out worksheets with questions to answer according to the book.

*We also watch videos with experiments we can do like making your own hot chocolate!

The class has just ended and koo koo is helping us print our certificates. We have had lots of fun, although I haven't finished doing all the experiments yet!

The next web class I'll write about is BASIC SPANISH!

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