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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Water Water Everywhere!

Nathalynn and I just finished a science class for one month in May. In our class we had almost 3000 students! Can you imagine that? Well, it was actually virtual education. Our professor's name is Craig Hatcher, so we call him Prof H. We had lots of fun! The name of our class is called Water, Water, Everywhere. Well, of course we studied water. ( what did you think? ) We had to watch videos, then answer quizzes, work on experiments, and fill in worksheets. We also had to write in for weekly discussion and web - log. Web - log is something like a blog, but we only write and tell each other about the experiments that try at home. Sometimes Prof H writes riddles and different sorts of questions to us and we have to reply. He even gave us a tricky riddle about a bank robber. You would think that it does not have anything to do with water right? But it does. I can't explain everything because it is a long one but it has got to do with slippery puddles of water, the bank manager slipping on the puddle, the robber using blocks of ice to reach a safe full of jewels, and evaporation after that happened. Well, if I could write everything there was about it I would, but that would be a horribly long post! I have to go. I have another web class going on. I will write about that soon.

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