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Friday, March 27, 2009

Ballet Trial Exam

On the 17Th of march, I had to attend a ballet trial exam. The purpose of it was partially for our parents and also so that we get the feel of how it is going to be like in the real exam. Even thought we all have already experienced what it would be like it was compulsory for everyone to do it if she wanted to take part in the ballet examinations. So, we went for it. At first my mum did not know that parents could go inside to look at their kids dance, and they could take pictures and videos too. Then, my sister, Nat, told my mum. When we went in she was the parents inside. My other sister, Chrisa, and my brother, Ashton, went inside too. Ashton loved to watch us dance our steps out, and Chrisa loved ( I think) loved to be our camera person. She walked around close to where my mum was sitting and began to take videos and pictures of us dancing. After everything was over my teacher told my mum and us all the points that we needed to work on. We really had fun.

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Gillian said...

All the best for your ballet exam, Ashlynn! Have fun whilst u dance!