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Monday, March 09, 2009

An aunt of mine's wedding

On the 7Th of march, I went to one of my aunt's wedding eve dinner. They were going to have a Chinese wedding the next day, so my mum asked me and my sisters to attend the wedding so that we could have the Chinese wedding experience. I agreed and my grandfather came to fetch us the next day. We went to the bride's house and waited for the groom. While we waited we had breakfast. The breakfast was rice, vege , fried chicken, and kiam chai (salted vege ) soup. I was not really used to rice for breakfast so I had less than usual. After we waited for the bridegroom to come they had to do all they needed to do, we were all very tired. We were all sleepy and had nothing to do around there so we waited until it was time for their elders to drink tea as their Chinese culture. After that we went home. At night we went to their wedding dinner at Jade Palace seafood restaurant. We enjoyed that quite a lot. The bride we a blue evening gown. But we sat near the air-con and it was really cold. We were near the speaker too so it was loud. After that we went into the car and slept.

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