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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Golden Rule

This story happened to take place in a ballet school. A girl named Hazel (the trickster) wanted to play a trick on someone, but what to do, and who to trick? Suddenly, something caught Hazel's eye, something interesting.

Hazel saw a shy girl sitting in the corner all alone. Hazel's mind went wild. She knew exactly the right thing to do. She wanted to trip her. She slowly crept to her and sat there. Patiently she waited until the girl,Janessa got up. Then she would quickly pull her ribbon to untie the ballet slippers. Then when she danced she would trip.

"Janessa!!!", shouted her teacher. Janessa jumped up and started working on her " Demi Plies " and "Sotes". As she danced her feet felt funny and loose. She realized that her ballet slippers were untied, but it was too late. She landed - tripped over her ribbon and fell! Right there on the floor. What a disgrace for a ballerina!

Her heavy eyelids burst out with tears. Hazel's heavy heart was filled with guilt and shame. She burst out in tears too. The pair, with water running down their cheeks were escorted out of the room by their teacher. Hazel, ashamed of what she had done, gave an apology to Janessa. They were friends again. They never smelled like rosemary, but always like paprika and oregano in mushroom soup (if you want black pepper add it yourself!).

Moral: the golden rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

- Ashlynn -

P.S. Paprika and oregano are the few of my favorite spices, but I don't fancy rosemary.
PP.S. The actual date this story was written is February, 2007

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p_ewe said...

hahahha! =) i love the way you somehow tied rosemary and paprika in your story! well done!