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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Black Stallion

This is my life. I am a black stallion. I belong to a poor stable owner of Arab. I will tell you the story of my life....

I was born on 11 April, 1991. My mother was a big white mare. But she left me when I was little and said that she had to go away and I was old enough to be alone. My father abandoned the family before I was born, so now I am an orphan, a poor young orphan.

As I grew I became lonelier and lonelier. I had no family, friends, or even other creatures as buddies. I didn't have support throughout my growing years. So I learned by myself. I taught myself something new everyday.

One day the poor stable owner decided to move to the city. I didn't want to go. On the good side, I figured that he would not take me. On the bad side, where will I go.... I can't live here - there's no one? I finally decided to move on towards the north, to Syria, and ended up in Turkey instead. I had travelled too much. Anyway life wasn't as good as I had expected. It was dull, boring and no grass for grazing. I moved on due to north again, to Poland. I settled in and made myself at home on the grassy lands of Poland.

Everyday I grazed for food in the plain fields, looking for hope. Finally the day came. I met an Arabian beauty, a white filly just like my mother. I instantly fell in love with her and felt a sudden burst of life come all over me. As a few years went by, I stayed with the white filly until I was 14 years old. Finally we were mates. We happily shared what we needed to share and took what we needed from the faithful old prairie.

A triumphant day of my life finally came, and we both had a son, a grey colt. We both knew that it was a dream come true for everyone. Being wild is being pure, and being pure is being good. I believe manpower. Without men the whole world would be different. Manpower involves many things. It involves a very, to do what is right and stand up for others. Speed, to rescue and reach out to others. Wisdom, to think right and make right decisions. Last but not least, unity to build up close family relations, and to help someone in need. Working as a team is better than one.

- Ashlynn -

Horses are my favorite animals. I always dream of having my own horse that I could ride. Last year Nathalynn (my sis) and I put on a horse presentation for my mum, dad, and ee ee (aunt), showing our love and passion for these beautiful animals. My dream of horses led me to write this story. You can also read about our horse presentation and trail rides in Australia in this blog: www.edlina1.blogspot.com


pen said...

Wow! Great story, dear!

ashlynn said...

Thanks, you were part of it. I used the horse photo in the horse calender you gave us as an insperation.

pen said...

Frankly, I'm beginning to like horses, the beauty and the strength they display. I'm amazed at how much knowledge you and Nat have on horses. Truly an inspiration! Can't wait for the next horse presentation (if there's any!)

ashlynn said...
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p_ewe said...

wow!! thats amazing ash!! you're an awesome writer!