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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Australian "Gold"

Mum just came back from Aussie so that means first of hugs and kisses when she comes then....presents! But there was special gift that I am very sure took her all she could do just for that mysterious gift. What do you think that presents is?! Tada! The long awaited CHEESE!!!!! I have to tell you how much that my whole family and me love cheese... I like almost every kind of cheese. Well... the kind of cheese that she brought back was fruit cheese and my favorite kind of cheese I tried, Rubicon Red, Creamy Lancashire, and Double Glouchester. I like to remember the names of the cheeses that I sampled, because the names are nice, weird, and funny! These three cheeses are from Ashgrove cheese farm in Tassie. I remember, when we were there last year in the farm I also saw silly flavours like chili, wasabi and others! Too bad we did not get to see cheese making in progress, but at least we saw a whole room piled up with cheese. Anyway... the flavours that my mum brought back is , melon and mango,almond and apricot, cranberry and citrus, and tasty cheese from Woolsworth. Today my conclusion is, if you are a cheese lover, you will like Aussie cheese, but if you don't like cheese but you like cheesecake you will like fruit cheese ( also found in Aussie). I think I will wrap up now... so try the CHEESE !!!!!


the boggler said...

Hiya Ash! You've got your own blog! Cool! =) Your cheese post has got me wanting to goh find some cheese! I think I'd fall under both categories of cheese-lovers but my favorite kind would be melted and baked! =)

- a cheesey cheese-fan, (aunty) choon ean.

picric said...

Haha! Ash... you're Wallace from Wallace & Gromit! 'Ooo... lovely CHEEZE!' Too bad, I'm not a cheesy fan... some cheese are a bit smelly.

ashlynn said...

The only cheese i can think of that is smelly is blue cheese.... yuck!

p_ewe said...

i actually learnt how to eat cheese when you all were here. Especially the fruit cheese. Ever since you all left, i only had it once. Hmm, and now i'm missing it. I shall go and buy some soon! =)