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Friday, May 16, 2008

It does not exist........

One fine morning, a few of my friends and myself went to the great Loch Ness Of Scotland. My friends were Pearl , Anna. Kim, Janet, and Satin. We went for a picnic along Loch Ness. After our picnic lunch of tuna and egg sandwiches, one packet of spicy crisp, Two small packets of tomato crisp, two avocados, 1 nectarine, 1 peach, and a tall glass of grape juice each we decided to lie down on the grassy hills overlooking the Loch.

After a little rest under the clear, cool, blue sky, we decided to wade in the Loch. Everyone but Anna and Pearl agreed to go. Pearl had read a book about the Water Horse that lived in the Loch so she was a little hesitant. Anna had also read the book and was afraid. So in the end we all agreed to let them stay behind, since that were scared of joining us to wade in the Loch. We tracked down the sandy path towards the water when we heard a voice shouting,' there are a couple of canoes by the bank of the water. We turned to find that the person who had shouted was Pearl. True enough when got to the bank of the water, we saw 4 canoes tied to post, stuck in the wet sand. We discussed about those canoes for a while and finally said to each other that we would use the canoes just for a while, because none was using them now.

It took us almost half an hour to untie the strong tight knots made by the thick ropes. We let loose 2 canoes(for they were double canoes) for ourselves. One was bright yellow in colour and the other was light blue. We quickly pushed the canoes into the water and jumped in them. We were overjoyed to find such a thing just lying there, as if it was specially for us to use. We grabbed the oars that was on the sand. We held races against each other and paddled in circles around the Loch.

Just then as turned back to look at Pearl and Anna, we found that none of them were to be seen. Then we heard a rustling sound Kim hopped out of her canoe to look for Pearl and Anna. I heard a faint shriek from behind a huge bolder, then a very loud laughter, that turned into screams of silliness. From behind the rock out crept two shy figures in the shadows. We all noticed that the figures we the timid Pearl and Anna. they finally spoke up about what they were frightened of, They said thy were scared of sound they heard which they had suspected the Water Horse who lived in the water. Then they screamed again. We turned to find that the only thing that they had shrieked so much about jut now was just some ducks having a drink n the Loch. Never again were the two girls afraid of the legend anymore.


Long time ago, at the time of Word War II in Scotland, there was a legend about a " Water Horse ". It was like a dinosaur just that it lived in water. There were records telling that people had actually seen them but here I am writing this story to tell people that the "Water Horse " does not exist.

It is a unit study that I have started on, based on the show-" Water Horse ". We have to say whether the " Water Horse " exist, and then write a short story about yourself in the picture then say and explain why it is or it is not. In my case it is not. I know you will be thinking because I said a short story,but mine is so long. You see I love doing creative writing and I always get a little carried away when I write stories. I hope you have enjoyed this one.


- Ashlynn -

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