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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Strong and Beautiful

The name of the child build her character and carries her destiny. That's why my parents took the effort in seeking God when I was conceived. I take pride in my name,


Therefore, my life's desire and prayer is to be Strong and Beautiful in the Lord and Dream Big in making God famous.

End Note: I know I have an awesome name, but All Rights Reserved. Do not use my name for any purpose whatsoever, for yourself or anyone else. With thanks and appreciation. =D


Gillian said...

Oh Ashlynn... those words describe you exactly. The name carries the blessing over your life.

ashlynn said...

Thank You!

p_ewe said...

does that mean i can't name my daughter Ashlynn!?!! =((((

ashlynn said...

To Peggen Cher Cher:
Yes! You have the right idea xD

TimothyLee said...

hahaha...knowing the evil intent of my mind...this could be interesting...great signature by the way.