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Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Look

As you can see, my blog has been transformed! Lately, mum and I have been in a blog craze. About to weeks ago, we got bitten by a blogger bug and since then, whenever we can, we are exploring the world of blogging...or making them beautiful anyway. If there are any of you out there whom have any useful advice, please leave a comment. It would be very much appreciated.

I really love the new look of my blog and I'm so proud that I did it. =D I admit, I haven't got much skill in this area and like I said, I'm just experimenting with what I can do. I haven't actually done up any blog before, so mixing and matching different headers and backgrounds for this one was very fun.

Of course, the background and header I took were someone else's designs, but still....I can say I put them together =P As you probably have already noticed, there's a tag at the top left corner of my blog. Although the designer would want her mark to say she created the background, I would have very much preferred if I could have used one of her buttons rather than a tag that really contrasts with my blog. I hope I do not sound mean, because I really don't mean to.

Anyway, Thank You to Shabby Blogs for the "princessy" header which my family says (and so do I) suit me very much, and to Hot Bliggity Blog for the awesome background which goes wonderfully with my header.

I think I shall leave the design like this for quite a while.....


pen said...

Hot Biglitty Blog? Hahaha!

This blog design looks very much like Ashlynn when she was 6, and loving pink to the max! But it's nice!!

You've grown....so much! Haahha! Waiting to tell u this again on 31 May!

ashlynn said...

Hahahah....Bliggity lah.
You tell me the same thing every year!