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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Overload of Thoughts from Last Month Till Now

Hi there!

Phew! To think the last time that I wrote was Chinese New Year! I keep wanting to write really, but I never sat down to think....I am so glad that finally I've written after 3 months =)

For everyone who thinks that my life has been so uninteresting for the past months that I have nothing to blog on, you are all so WRONG! On the contrary, things have been exciting! That's what I'm here to say!

Okay, I can't really trace back far, so events would be from May. Things that I would haven't posted, but didn't=)

  • Ashton's Birthday! My Goodness! He just gets cuter, and cuter!
  • Mum's Birthday and Mothers' Day! Interesting thing that it happened to be on the same day!
  • Grandparents' anniversary! we sent to Hong Kong for a holiday.
  • A group of Sabahans were in Penang for floorball. they came to have friendlies with Penang, and Nat played in one game. Too bad, I couldn't because I had a sprained ankle. But it was fun to watch!
  • I am finally 12! I celebrated my birthday by having a date with dad in the morning, and coming to a surprise party. Though I wasn't surprised, it was great fun! Try harder next time, Ee ee!
  • Church Camp! This year GCC held our church camp in Cinta Sayang REsort, Sungai Petani.
  • Greater Glory Convention! We were sponsored to attend this worship convention in Cameron Highlands. I especially enjoyed the worship time! Oh, and the indulgence of strawberries!
  • Fathers' Day! We celebrated Fathers' Day by taking the Fathers' out! we had lunch with Grandpa, and dinner with Kong Kong!

    Well, I guess that's it for now! Enjoyed writing this, telling the truth! Hopefully I will be more consistent from now so I won't have so much typing at one go!

    I hope this was O.K. =)

    Chao for Now,
    - Me -


p_ewe said...

Definitely better than NOTHING!

haha but i know how you feel, cuz i'm like that as well. Always want to write but sometimes get lazy!

I miss you and SORRY I didn't get to call you on your birthday!

Gillian said...

So happy to hear you enjoyed the worship, dear Ashlynn. May God continue to develop and grow your dreams to dance for HIS glory!

pen said...

My dear, I didn't plan the surprise birthday. Ur mum did! I was just the invited 'fairy' to give away some blessings.... :)

ashlynn said...

Right....Thanks anyway! It was great!