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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Rose Garden

I came back from Cameron Highlands on the 4th of October. When my family and I were in Cameron Highlands we visited the rose garden. I just want to say how great God is, and what He has created. Here are some amazing plants that He has given us:

- Camelia - A flower that can be plucked just like that and rubbed into soap.

- Lady shoe - A flower that really looks like a shoe and contains lots of sweet nectar.

- Golden cup - A bright yellow flower that is bigger than my face! A tinge of vanilla fragrance.

- Foxglove - Is a flower which is lilac on the outside with brighter and darker spots on the inside.

- Passion of Christ - Ah Ha, this fruit flower is very light purple with small darker dots on the inside. This flower is very unique because most flowers will have their seed, then flower, then fruit. But the flower Passion of Christ is a flower with a tiny, weeny little seed in the centre of the flower, and when the flower closes the little seed inside grows and grows until it becomes a passion fruit. Isn't that amazing?

- Angel's Trumpet - Is a white (sometimes with a little pink in the ends) flower that looks like a bell(or you could say trumpet.)

- Japanese Honeysuckle - The Japanese Honeysuckle is an orange coloured flower. It is also a creeper.

- Dancing Girl - The Dancing Girl is a fuchsia coloured flower that looks like a girl dancing.

- Cannadulla - The Cannadulla is a antiseptic flower. It can cure any cut or wound. It is yellow and looks like a Daisy, but is a little bigger.

- Forget - Me - Not - This extremely special flower is the *drum roll* Forget-Me-Not.
This flower's seeds stick to fabric. The flowers are purplish-blue.The lady at the rose garden gave us some seeds to grow back here in Penang, but it hasn't been growing well, dad says it's because of the hot weather.

- Raspberry - Well, I sure din't know that there was raspberries in Malaysia. We went all the way to Australia to eat them, and was quite dissapointed that we could not get to eat fresh ones and had to have frozen ones instead. But when we went to the rose garden in Cameron Highlands we dicovered the raspberries. We could actually pluck them right of the bush. I was really happy. So were my sisters. And my parents were so pleased.

- Gooseberry - We tried some gooseberries. I disliked them,they were bitter and sour at the same time.

- Loganberry - Too bad, we did not get to see the loganberries.*awwww* i was quite dissapointed for not getting a chance to see what a loganberry looks like.

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