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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today I went to floorball. I had lots of fun, we worked on dribbling and we did mini killer. I was really tired and out of breath at that moment. For dribbling I took 42 seconds to complete the drill. I beat my record with 40 seconds the next round. We played a few games before we ended. At first I played with Nat on my team against EE EE and Josiah. In the next game I played with Josiah against EE EE and Nat. I also played with EE EE against Timothy and Josiah. Then we ended. Timothy got the "Best - player - award." I really was very tired. I hope to enjoy training next week.


edlina & the lynns said...

you can do the best thing.fu-yoh! chrisa

ashlynn said...

hahahahahhahah!!! very funny Chrisa

kennykhookk said...

hey chrisa! Why don't you say " Fu- Yoh!" anymore?

ashlynn said...

hey chrisa!" koo koo's" previous comment is actually mine if you are wondering