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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Defibrillator

Quite recently, a friend introduced the word "defibrillator" to me. Even then, I did not think that it was an actual word until I looked it up on the Internet and here is Webster Online's response: Defibrillator - An electronic device that applies an electric shock to restore the rhythm of a fibrillating heart.

This friend knows I'm plenty ticklish, so supposedly I go through defibrillation when pokes me in the sides. =P It's quite irritating (ahem...) mainly because he does this quite often, and also because he thinks his hands make absolutely fantastic defibrillators. xD

I do recall one time when I happened to be next to Nat when he decided to try his "defibrillatoring" skills on her. I suppose it was her natural reaction to move, but why she whacked me in the face, I don't know =D I think I was tearing because I was laughing so hard, not because it hurt. apparently, he did not expect that to happen, but either way it was funny.

So for those who for whom I talking about, the next time you see him around... I will leave the rest for you to find our yourself.


Darrien said...

awesome!!i super like!!!u rock yo~

edwardlim said...

you only use defibrillator in the hospital :p

Gillian said...

*lols* Really funny post, dear!

TimothyLee said...

Very quick reaction so I noted...and violent one...and I have no idea about the rest.

ashlynn said...

Ya, that girl is nuts.